Gender, Sexuality and Family In Early Childhood Spring 2021

Tuesday, March 2nd - Tuesday, March 16th

Series Description


Session 1: Gender Development, Expression, and Play

In this workshop, educators will learn about and discuss gender development in young children. Through discussions of how rigid gender roles and stereotypes can limit children's growth and self-expression, we will collectively develop strategies to facilitate expansive gender performances and to create inclusive classrooms which support a variety of gender expressions. We will also discuss a variety of ways to resist the perpetuation of harmful gender stereotypes‚Äč.

Session 2: Curiosity and Consent

Young children often have questions about and want to explore their body parts and the bodies of others. In this interactive workshop, participants will develop strategies for fostering children's feelings of comfort about their bodies while setting limits to help children develop a sense of boundaries. Participants will explore what it means to help children develop healthy relationships and will learn strategies for teaching consent, respect, and encouraging children's sense of bodily autonomy.

Session 3: Fabulous Families Engaging and Including LGBTQ+ Families

Focusing specifically on LGBTQ+ families, this workshop will help educators consider both deliberate and inadvertent messages about belonging contained in their programs' written material, environment, teaching, and educational practices. To create a more inclusive environment in their classrooms and schools, we will introduce concepts and language to talk with families and our staffs about sexual and gender identities, the legal structures that are involved in defining families, and discrimination targeted at people who do not conform to gender or sexual norms. We will also identify curricular opportunities to teach about family diversity and develop strategies and activities to teach children a more expansive understanding of family.

The fee for each workshop is $35. These workshops are Quality Assured in the Aspire Registry. Participants will receive a unique link to the webinar once registration and payment have been confirmed.

There are currently no open sessions of this series. Below are sessions from our most recent series.

Session 1: Gender Development Expression and Play
Past Session
March 2nd
5:30pm - 7:00pm
Session 2: Curiosity & Consent
Past Session
March 9th
5:30pm - 7:00pm
Session 3: Fabulous Familes Engaging and Including LGBTQ Families
Past Session
March 16th
5:30pm - 7:00pm
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